Saturday, July 26, 2014

Art Lesson, No. 1

For the past few years I have been dabbling and doodling and not making progress in the world of art. It is fun to dabble and doodle but I want to make my art something more.

Last Sabbath I put this "Crown Imperial (fritillaria imperialis)" on paper... fond remembrances of Paris and particularly Versailles where I saw this flower up close.

It has since gone into the BORING file and I announced that I need lessons. Help!

Hence, Lesson no.1...

Sherwin is not an art teacher but he has taken lessons and so even though it may be a little like one hungry beggar telling another hungry beggar where to find the food, he has sat in a lot of art classes and something must have rubbed off.

I love his work so I went to his book where he took some classes a few years ago and started at the beginning.

There is my beginning, just following in the footsteps of my 'teacher'. When I looked at lesson 1 I thought, "I know that..." but after I worked with those colours for a while and studied his page I saw a lot that I had not previously noticed.

Wish me well and since this blog is the journal of My Life you will probably be subjected to my 'progress'.

I am very thankful today that I have this opportunity to spend time with my art.

Wishing you all a lovely Sabbath day.
Be well.


  1. I enjoy your art. Looking forward to watching your growth as an artist.

    1. You know, some days are diamonds, some are stones! Hoping to grow!

  2. That watercolour sketchbook was started the year I joined the Northwest Watercolor Society in Seattle in 2003. We would go once a month to Seattle for meetings and spend a day or two in Redmond with Shelby and family.

    One of the benefits of belonging to the society was they had a large video library that members could check out on loan... so each time I would take a couple of video lessons home. Each page or two in my sketch book I was dedicated to a lesson from the video. I found it very helpful.

    That program only lasted for a year for me, as in 2004 we started building the orphanage, so it we weren't able to do both... but it was fun while it lasted... and we met some very interesting aspiring artists that year. We also we privileged to attend a couple of watercolour exhibitions, which we thoroughly enjoyed.